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Nishe (aka Magdalena Lutek) is an up-and-coming Polish photographer who beautifully captures feminine, melancholic worlds only to the tune of film and instant film.

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Shades of Cool

for my mind misgives
some consequence yet hanging in the stars
shall bitterly begin his fearful date
with this night’s revels and expire the term
of a despised life closed in my breast
by some vile forfeit of untimely death

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This collection (my favorite one this season) revisits the collective memory of Haute Couture ensemble and re-ensemble through periods, places and people. Such as recomposed relics and fabrics that have been transformed into a collection that blends the idea of love and memories worn proudly and passed to others that will later add another element from themselves.

Interesting the idea proposed for this season by the Maison Martin Margiela haute couture atelier to re-interpret old garments and transforming them from sample embroideries and ordinary items into new gorgeous pieces.

  1. Look 1: white shirt cut from cotton and is decorated with broaches and buttons. The production time it took 22 hours to make. The broaches and buttons are gilded bronze which are thin as a nail. 
  2. Look 2: Flowers motifs are re-interpreted from an 18th century-style wallpapers. Some of the fabrics are new, some are old re-interpreted to create a new haute couture garment. 
  3. Look 7: The top is inspired by Louis XV’s wallpaper and the mesh skirt is embroidered with old coins (french francs) found all over Paris and Brussels in flea markets. 26 hours of production on the skirt alone. 
  4. Look 8: The coat is made from different collage swatches of cashmere and the mess skirt is embroidered with old coins. Playing with the idea of the value of haute couture.
  5. Look 11: 3-D embroidery creating a blue lobster worn as a shawl with a couture bustier and a mesh skirt embroidered with coins. 86 hours for the top and 26 for the skirt. 
  6. Look 14: 20’s panel dress altered into a children’s party costume in the 30’s and it has been now re-resembled and restored on a frame. The idea was to take expensive embroidered fabrics from different places to create a new dress. 
  7. Look 15: An aluminum “I Love You” party balloon embroidered with red crystals. The idea of wearing your favorite things as garments or items that would have memorable stories. The skirt is made of different sample embroideries attached together.
  8. Look 19: The jacket has a description in the back saying “To the best father in the world from your loving son, Herbert. 1949 Tokio, Japan”  which has been restored and lined, worn over a couture bustier and the skirt made from different sample embroideries. 
  9. Look 21: Japanese bomber jacket from the 50’s as a souvenir from antique dealers from New York which has been restored and embroidered with japanese motifs. 


SPOTLIGHT: Portraits by Christina Hoch

Gorgeous. Cristina Hoch is a young photographer from the south of Spain. Her portraits have a powerful, edgy quality.

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Sasha Luss, Tanya Katysheva, Xiao Wen Ju, Hedvig Palm, Harleth Kuusik & Binx Walton at Giambattista Valli FALL 2014 Haute Couture by carolinelevybencheton.

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